MADEYOULOOK is an artist collaborative living and working in Johannesburg. Since 2009, MADEYOULOOK has primarily produced independent projects in public space and has more recently exhibited locally and internationally, including at Stevenson Gallery Cape Town, GoetheonMain Johannesburg and FRAC Pays de la Loire, Nantes. The collaborative was nominated for the MTN New Contemporaries Award in 2011 and the Vera List Centre Prize for Art and Politics 2016-2018. They have also published widely in publications such as African Cities Reader (2012), Ellipses (2015) and Ties that Bind (2016). MADEYOULOOK is Molemo Moiloa (b.1987) and Nare Mokgotho (b.1986).


The works of MADEYOULOOK aim to explore the ways in which ordinary practices and everyday occurrences are the basis for understanding wider more complex social issues. While these practices may ordinarily be overlooked as common and inconsequential, MADEYOULOOK seeks to examine their intricacies in order to recognise such practices as dense, urgent and of deep value for addressing contemporary social concerns.


For the past eight years, MADEYOULOOK has produced work at the intersection of interdisciplinary research practice and visual art. Central to MADEYOULOOK’s work is an interest in notions of knowledge production, access to ownership in the wider sense, making visible under-addressed histories and experiences in contemporary South Africa, as well as engaging black classed imaginaries and everyday life.

Donna Kukama               

Francois Knoetze           

Lebohang Kganye